To follow incoming posting

You do not need a social media account.

Just click the link and you are in. No password is needed.

The link is published on the home page of Chaîne’s international Mondial website

You can copy and share the link freely.


To take part and have your posting appear on the Wall

Now you need to have a social media account.

Remember to use these hashtags attached to your posting #chaineday, #worldchaineday, #chainedesrotisseurs

Instagram and Twitter are supported directly. Postings with a hashtag will appear on the Wall within minutes.

Facebook does not support hashtags directly. Postings made to the Facebook pages of the international Chaîne and/or World Chaîne Day will be retrieved and posted to the Wall.

Postings made to personal Facebook pages are not supported directly. They must be shared on the pages of the international Chaîne or World Chaîne Day.



Difference between FEED and FRAME

FEED is running automatically and constantly. It selects pictures randomly from incoming material.

FEED does not show all the pictures. Pictures are automatically refreshed from time to time.

FEED is best suited for public events, dinners etc. You can set up a video projector or screen and let the Wall run throughout the evening for members to follow. It is live all the time. Your own postings will appear on the Wall within minutes.

FRAME is best suited for personal use. You can use it with any device … e.g. laptop, tablet, smartphone.

FRAME shows all the incoming material in chronological order. You can scroll through the material from the very first posting. It is also live all the time.

With the FRAME you can comment and share the material on the Wall.



For security, constant moderation is arranged 24/7 starting Friday morning CET and ending Sunday evening CET. This is for preventing spam or improper material to appear on the live Wall. Moderators will be following the incoming material and delete possible spam. So it is safe and secure meaning no surprises will appear on the Wall.


Ari-Pekka Parvianen
Chair, World Chaîne Day Organising Committee
Member of the Conseil d'Administration