Renewals 2024

Dear Members,


It is time once again to collect renewals and ensure that our annual fees to Paris are duly submitted. All membership fees are payable to your own bailliage, and you should be receiving an invoice for contributions.


Please note that these memberships built up from the renewals that Paris requires, as well as a little buff built in for the running of the Bailliage, as well as the Jeunes Rotisseurs Competitions and the Jeunes Sommeliers Competitions to be held this year in June 2024.


The fees are as follows and directed by National:

  • Full Member:                       R 1, 980.00
  • Spouse Member:                 R 1, 680.00 (Only applicable if your Spouse is still a member)
  • Member under 35 Years:      R 1, 310.00
  • OMGD Renewal:                     R 870.00


Please note that for fundraising purposes, we also have the following items for sale in order to establish a fully rounded competition fund for the prizes and venues:

  • Protea Pin (2023)                   R 250.00
  • Platters Wine Guide 2024:     R 411.00


Should you wish to transfer between Bailliage, please can you be so kind as to contact Amarille Vermooten-Voster on [email protected] in order to ensure an efficient transfer.


Best of luck for 2024!


Llewellyn Marais

Bailli Délégué